Puppies visit CofC students for Exam Week relief

CHARLESTON, S.C.(WCIV) - Exam week is a stressful time for college students, but the College of Charleston Cougar Countdown bringsstress-relieving events to campus.

Pet Helpers brought puppies outside the Addlestone Libraryon Friday for 'Puppies on the Green.'

Students had a chance to roll around with the pups from noonto 3 p.m. to get away from the books for a little while.

"Pets don't make demands on you, they give loveunconditionally, no questions asked - doesn't matter if you do well on your examsor not, they'll still love you. So we've invited the College of Charlestonstudents out today to just kind of take a study break and relax and hopefullythat will help them do better on their exams," said Leigh Handal.with PetHelpers.{}{}

"New research has come out that confirms what other studieshave shown and that is that pets really help relieve stress, and this newresearch that's come out - They've noted that people who are in stressfulsituations actually can be more comforted by a pet then even by being with aloved one or a spouse," said Handal.{}

Pet Helpers brought three puppies that are currently up foradoption.{} The other two dogs wererecently adopted from Pet Helpers.

Oscar, a German Shepherd puppy, was recently adopted by College of Charleston Student Stevie Laughead.

"It's right in the middle [of exam week] so we figured we'dtake him out here, play with the pups because we got him from Pet Helpers, andlet everyone else love on him because he loves that too," said Laughead.

Cougar Countdown started on Friday with Pancakes with thePresident, where students could eat a free pancake breakfast with College of Charleston President George Benson.

"We have fourtydifferent events over the week and a half, two week period where students aremeeting with professors and taking exams and studying hard.{} We thought, let's give them a break inbetween exams, in between working with professors, in between working withstudent groups studying and this is the way we are doing it.{} So, this morning I was out here flippingpancakes," said President Benson.