Pet rabbits brutally killed

The pet rabbits are truly members of the Pavlovich family.

By Sonya

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- One local family is grieving, wondering why someone broke into their home and killed three of their pet rabbits.

Joanna Pavlovich and her family are animal lovers. But now they have three fewer furry friends after someone broke into their garage and killed three of their pet rabbits.

"It looked like they had been swung by their feet and repeatedly smacked into the ground and one of the rabbits had its head removed and I was just grief stricken," said Joanna Pavlovich, owner of the dead rabbits.

It happened sometime Thursday morning while the family was home, although they never heard anything. They called the police immediately to come investigate.

"They looked at the cage and tried to dust for fingerprints and they said due to the porous material on the water bottles that they were not able to lift any fingerprints that would be salvageable and useable," said Pavlovich.

And since the damage to the cages was limited, animal control ruled out an animal attack.

"I can't even fathom how anybody could harm any kind of animal. I mean dog, cat especially a rabbitthey are completely harmless," said Pavlovich.

The rabbits truly are members of the family and have been especially beneficial to Joanna's husband, who has cancer.

"This is kind of a therapeutic way of him being able to sit down and enjoy watching the rabbits run around on the floor, intermingling with the other animals in the house, they all play together on the floor," said Pavlovich.

The Pavlovichs have eleven other rabbits, which they will keep inside until the garage can be sealed off and an air conditioning unit is installed.

The family is offering a one hundred dollar reward, but Pet Helpers has increased the reward to 1,000 dollars to anyone that can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever committed this crime.

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