Rain soaks Lowcountry, floods restaurant

The photo above shows the inside of Tabouli Grill on Wednesday. (Joe O'Neill/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{}Certainly you heard the thunder, saw the lightning and felt the rain.{}But did you get stuck in it?

ABC News 4's chief photojournalist, Joe O'Neill, was downtown and found himself knee-deep in water.

He wasn't alone. Several areas of Market Street in downtown Charleston and surrounding streets were under water. In the historic downtown market, shoppers waded the flood waters for deals.

A block away at Tabouli Grill, customers floated in for food orders. While Mother Nature caused havoc for the business, the storm was weathered.

"Usually we have a good time," said Tabouli manager Alex Baker. "Get customers in here and keep them dry. We have a sign that says come get dry with us. But I don't know. It didn't happen today."

The owner of Tabouli Grill, Sam Mustafa, recently spent a large chunk of change on a drainage system that is supposed to prevent flooding. Unfortunately the flash flooding Wednesday proved too much for that drainage system.

"The tanks could only handle so much," he said.