Raymond's recovery

CROSS, S.C. (WCIV) -- Three weeks down, three to go. Raymond Johnson, the 27 year old man who fought breast cancer, is undergoing radiation.

"It's Monday through Friday," he said. "It takes longer to get there than it does to get the treatment."

Raymond still lives in Cross. But he knows the road to Trident Medical Center well. That's where he was first diagnosed with breast cancer eight months ago, when a pain in his chest lead to a lump.

At the time, he didn't have health insurance, and was denied special coverage by a program for breast cancer patients because he wasn't a woman. His story made national news.

"I think it was real eye opening, I'm glad the state looked at it."

South Carolina did grant him coverage despite federal rules. Raymond says since then, two more men have enrolled without a fight.

"In Eutawville a man just found out he has breast cancer. He's taking it really bad," said Raymond. "I'm taking him under my wing, trying to keep him positive.

Raymond knows the importance of a good attitude.{} He underwent surgery to have his tumor removed just two months ago.{} He is now cancer free.{} The radiation is to try to keep the cancer from coming back.

Raymond wants to be a role model and serve as{} proof that men do get breast cancer. He now knows fatty breast tissue in men can raise the odds. So he's started exercising and eating better.

"I work out five times a week, I lift weights, walk two to four miles."

He's losing weight, but{} getting back his eyebrows and beard.{} Both disappeared during chemotherapy.

"I'm real happy about that."

Also on the rebound, his laugh.

"Everybody tells me my humor is coming back."


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