Rays president never forgets

Rob Concannon, above, said he will never forget 9/11. (Joe ONeill/WCIV)

By Dean

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- From behind his desk or working on the ice as the Stingrays president Rob Concannon never forgets.

"I think of Mark everyday, whether I'm walking downtown or at the office. He's the main reason I'm in Charleston and have been here for the past 16 years," Concannon said.

Mark Bavis and Rob Concannon are{}both Boston boys and were Stingray teammates in the mid 1990s.

"Mark used to say, 'Connie go down there you will never leave. The weather is beautiful. The girls are pretty. Everyone is nice, and there's the beach, mark my words.' ", Concannon told us from his office.

But Mark's words were silenced 10 years ago.

"I remember going home to the funeral thinking 'this is going to be ridiculous.' How do you go home to a funeral with probably no body?" Concannon shared as he choked back tears.

There was no body because Mark was on the second plane that hit the south tower on September 11, 2001. The image still haunts Rob Concannon.

"The toughest image to look at is when the plane is crashing into the building. That is the toughest thing to look at," he said.

A decade later, Concannon takes the time to look back.

"I remember one time we were at the Isle of Palms sitting in two feet of water.{} He said, 'Connie don't ever move home.{}Isn't this awesome just staring out at the Atlantic,' " Concannon said.

Now, Rob Concannon is left to stare at a sea of memories. A reminder of Bavis' days as a Stingray hangs forever from the coliseum rafters.

"It's always good to be over before a game.{}You look up there and know he's up there looking down."

The Mark Bavis Leadership foundation was set up in Mark's honor. It goes toward scholarship money for young men and women. So far it's raised close to $500,000.

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