The real stars of the Celebrity Softball game: Louie's Kids

Former NY Yankees pitcher Steven Jackson (Sandra Ecklund/WCIV)

By Stefanie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - The Slim Down The South celebrity softball game knocked it out of the park Saturday night, in an effort to raise money in the fight against childhood obesity.

Funds raised from the game go to the non-profit, Louie's Kids, which helps local children conquer obesity, while gaining confidence.

Celebrities, professional athletes, and musicians graced the baseball diamond at Joe Riley Stadium in the 2nd Annual 'Slim Down The South' event.

But the real stars of the game, were Louie's Kids.

"It has gotten me in a healthy lifestyle, it has gotten me to straighten my game. I'm not sitting on the couch being lazy I'm ready to get going, I got a job and everything, I swim everyday," said Katie Fender-Davis, who has participated in the Louie's Kids program for two years.

"When I first got involved with Louie's Kids I was extremely out of shape sitting on the couch everyday playing video games everyday non-stop drinking soda as if it was water," said 17-year-old Louie's Kids member, Brian Harper. "I was the perfect coach potato going no where but down."

But up is where Harper went instead. Harper just completed his first triathlon with the help of Louie's Kids.

"It's an amazing accomplishment to go from where I was, to where I am now," Harper said.

More than 25 million American children struggle with obesity. Louie's Kids' mission is to also get the community to inspire each kid, and let them know they're not alone in the fight.

"With everything going on today, if you can have someone pull you aside and care about you whether it's a coach whether it is a person, adult family member, the kids need a mentor," said Jim Stuckey, NFL Super Bowl Champion.

"Do everything you can to stay confident. Big kids, they get made fun of and they get bullied. That is an unfortunate thing, but it's the reality that they face," said Roberto Martinez of Bachelorette Season Six.

After all was said and done, Team McElveen beat Team Baker in a final score of 5{}to 3.