Rebuilding Moncks Corner homes -- for free

By Valencia

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCIV) - From afar, the Salkehatchie Service Camp volunteers look like the real deal. They repair roofs, windows, plumbing and paint like professional contractors.

"It's amazing what they think they can't do and what they actually find out they can do," said David Usher, a site leader for the group.

Once you meet the group face-to-face you realize their work is just a hobby, but passion is their driving force.

Salkehatchie Service Camp is a faith-based, week-long camp which allows its volunteers to repair homes. The camp is state-wide. Moncks Corner United Methodist Church is the host for the Moncks Corner area.

The homes belong to people who are struggling physically and financially, and the materials for the work are paid for by the United Methodist Church.

"Sometimes we live in a sheltered life," Usher said. "We're not exposed to some of the hardships other people go through. And, it humbles you to see some of the conditions people have to live in."

The volunteers are as young as 14 years old and are unpaid.

"I can't explain why a young person would want to give of themselves to better the lives of other people, unless they have changed hearts," said Kevin Lindley, a 26-year-old pastor and volunteer.

Many of the volunteers begin working with the camp as teens and continue working into adulthood.

"If our gift is youth, that's a gift that we have to go and use," Lindley said.

In all, seven homes in Moncks Corner are being repaired.

If you would like to donate or volunteer, visit the group's website at{} or call 843-761-8547.