Records show Wando teacher was warned about judgment

Christopher Poston (WCIV)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- New details have been released involving the Wando High School teacher who recently resigned after showing Jackass 2 to a class.

Disciplinary records provided by the school district show Christopher Poston had been warned about errors in judgment. A 2008 letter to Poston included in that file says Poston's positive work with some school programs was overshadowed by "failure to comply with school rules and procedures." The letter goes on to state that Poston failed to respond honestly and in a forthright manner when questioned by school administrators.

In addition, Wando principal Lucy Beckham wrote, Poston allowed a female student to use his school e-mail account on multiple occasions. The principal said Poston allowed the student to respond to notes from other teachers and administrators on his behalf.

Perhaps the most jaw-dropping of the principal's concerns was mention of Poston leading administrators to believe he had prior coursework in sociology. The principal said Poston failed to make note of that when hired, and he was told he would have to take a summer sociology class.

Also of note, this year's Jackass incident wasn't the first time administrators say Poston was caught showing something deemed inappropriate to a class. The 2008 letter makes reference of a time the principal caught Poston's class watching an R rated version of Law & Order.

A representative with the State Department of Education says the department is required to investigate the case, and Poston could still lose his teaching certification, even though he resigned.