Refuge a cornerstone of Awendaw visitor's center

AWENDAW, S.C. (WCIV) - Headquarters for the Cape RomainWildlife Refuge is inside the Seewee Visitor's Center in Awendaw. The center ishome to trails, a pond, and endangered Red wolves.

The winter is actually the quiet time for the wolves at theSeewee Center. Officials at the refuge hope that if it's quiet enough, thewolves will breed.

"We got the first two a year ago, Nov. 1. They had toacclimate and everything. They're an educational pair of wolves.{} The breeders that have come in, they cameabout four or five months ago, they acclimated very quickly," said RobertJohnson.

Johnson, known in Seewee circles as "Wolfman Rob,"volunteers with the Seewee Center red wolves. Not only does he assist with thefeedings and vaccinations, he also helps lead classroom discussions.

Johnson says the Seewee Red wolf enclosure is one of 44across the nation helping to bring back the endangered species.

"People in general are very interested about wolves; it'spart of the wild in us. It's part of the good and the bad, mostly the good Iwould think," he said.

Tricia Midgett is the codirector of the Seewee visitorcenter.

"It is a spot for people. (Highway) 17 is a major highway,so this is a great place and a great location for visitors to the Lowcountryand especially going to Charleston or Myrtle Beach to stop in and visit," shesaid.

Midgett says with the center's mile-long Nebo Trail,hands-on classrooms and the Red wolves creates an atmosphere, where learningabout Cape Romain is fun.

"We have the Uplands, the Lowlands, and so it all mergestogether really right here around 17," she said.

The center is open Tuesday through Saturday. Cape Romainalso includes several barrier islands, including Bulls Island, Cape Island, andGarris Landing.