Relief as bridge construction begins in Berkeley County

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Construction is finally underway on a busy bridge that collapsed on Cypress Gardens Road. The thousands of people who use it say they could not be happier.

The bridge collapse at Cypress Gardens Road has meant months of detours for Melissa Worrill and her neighbors.

"It added like an extra 15, 20 minutes to our commute every single day one way, and I had to go there twice a day, back and forth, so it was a nightmare," Worrill said.

But there's hope at the end of the road blocks. Construction started a week ago and is expected to be completed by October.

"Hopefully it won't take very long because sometimes construction may take longer than they anticipate, but at least I know that they are actually working on it," she said.

Bulldozers are smoothing out the ground to make a wider road while cranes tower above the entire project, carrying steel pieces that will make up the new bridge.

Trees are also being removed because the new bridge will be bigger than the old one. It's all signs of progress for the residents of Berkeley County who live near the bridge.

"Everybody is excited to see them working on the bridge. They are getting a good start, making a good headway. They are coming along pretty good with it from the time they started," said Willie Washington.

It's great news for Worrill.

"It's much faster; there's less traffic. Not that many people go that way, so it was a lot smoother of a commute," she said.

Worrill said she's trying to take the long detour in stride, but she's keeping her fingers crossed construction stays on schedule.

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