Insurance agent: 'Crazy not to have the renter's insurance'

By Tessa

MOUNT PLEASANT, S. C. (WCIV) -- Before you sign or renew your next rental or lease agreement, make sure that what's inside your home is protected.

Rental insurance protects damaged or lost items in your apartment or house{}due to fire, theft, windstorms and even hail storms.

According to numbers from National Multi-housing Council US rental data, approximately 87 million rent and 40 percent have no renters policy.

"It's really kinda crazy not to have the renter's insurance particularly with the risk we face here along the coast," warns Allstate agency owner Kevin Shealy.

Even if you think that your personal property has no significant value, "someone who thinks they have nothing may have 20, 30, 40 thousand dollars of contents that they've accumulated over the years," Shealy said.

Also, if damage to your property and/or your neighbors'{}property occurs due to your negligence, a renter's policy will cover that liability.

In the Charleston area, the average renter's policy can run between $15-$20 a month. You may be eligible for even deeper discounts if you go through your current insurance agency where you have your auto policy.

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