Rep. Mark Sanford continues local 'office hours' with constituents

By Ava Wilhite

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) Congressman Mark Sanford toured a North Charleston medical supplies company in need of some support from Washington D.C.

"They're going to have a lot of transitioning between new suppliers that would have been contracted. A lot of the suppliers that have been contracted are going to{} be much further away than their local providers," said Andrea Stark of MiraVista LLC.

Stark said senior citizens, who benefit from Medicare, could be forced to visit with out-of-state wheelchair and diabetic supplies providers unless Sanford helps support a House bill out of Georgia.

"What we wanted is to be responsive to where people are coming from, whether it was over at ABC Medical or here with juvenile diabetes folks, what you have is people who really, really care deeply," said Sanford. {}

The congressman was also introduced to products found in survival kits for kids living with juvenile diabetes. Several Charleston families representing the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation shared their stories and shed some tears, while explaining to Sanford why funding to the JDRF is vital.{}

"It's just falling short, and Congress needs to renew what's called a special diabetes program to help the funding, because research is so important right now," said parent Lisa Shepherd.

Sanford said he's still trying to hire office staff and these roaming town hall meetings help him learn the information needed to represent the voice of the 1st District.

"My pattern of trying to listen to folks won't change. I'm going to be very active on that front as I was in Congress and as I was in the governorship," said Sanford.

Lisa Shepherd said Sanford's past experience in Washington could be the difference needed to persuade other representatives at the nation's capital.{}

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