Rep. Nikki Haley Stops in Summerville

Joined by her husband, fellow republican candidates and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley made her case to become the next governor of the palmetto state.

"We've got a clear choice here this is about the people and businesses of the state and creating jobs we feel good about it," Rep. Haley said.

The recent Pulse Opinion Research Poll shows Haley up 10 percentage points, 49 to 39 over challenger Vincent Sheehan.{} This is despite on-going affair accusations and claims that Haley has been late on paying her in-come taxes on a number of occasions.

"When you file extensions you have to pay penalties and we also know what it's like to go through the struggles families and businesses go through. {}We were always paying our taxes had to pay penalties because of it but always in compliance," Haley said.

If elected Rep. Haley vowed to fight the Obama healthcare plan and vowed to fight for the people.{}

"The American people want to see real change. {}Now in the case of Nikki Haley who is not only an extraordinary leader, you have someone who's going to bring change in a positive way and I think get the nation back on course," said Mitt Romney.