Rep. Sanford talks about Syria, the economy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Congressman Mark Sanford has been in office for 90 days. ABC New 4's Dean Stephens sat down to talk to Sanford about a variety of topics including Syria and the economy.Sanford said Congress is closely watching the situation in Syria and the decisions as to whether or not a military attack is warranted because of alleged chemical weapon use.The President's administration still has not made a decision but said the United States will act regardless of backing from the United Nations.When asked if he supported an air strike, Sanford said, "Not without congressional authorization. It's not that hard to send to Congress- here is what I want to do and why. Presidents have gotten into the business of not wanting to do that.{} But, the bill comes through Congress.""I've signed on to a letter saying whatever the president decides he wants to do, he needs to come to Congress for authorization to do so and we'll see what happens," he added.While Syria is an issue that Sanford said has his attention, he said he believes the economy is at the forefront of many people's minds. "There's a whole host of issues that run to the front of the stage. But I think that people are still very concerned about the economy for good reason," he said. "I think the national economy has been skating on thin ice. We've been basically going out and spending 5-6% of GDP and getting 2% growth. I think at a gut level, people are aware of that and are concerned."Sanford said he looks forward to continuing conversations about tax reform in the future.