Repairs coming soon to Joseph Floyd Manor Building

Damage to exterior wall of Joseph Floyd Manor Building (Joe O'Neill/WCIV)

By Sonya

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- There is good news for residents of the Joseph Floyd Manor Building.

A settlement has been reached between the insurance company and the Charleston County Housing Authority to fix a hole that has been there for more than two years.

Strong winds peeled off part of the exterior wall of the Joseph Floyd manor building in February 2010 and the hole is still there covered with plastic.

"Well after a two year battle with the insurance company, the previous executive director finally settled on an amount that would be feasible for us to repair this side of the building," said Karen Gorham, chief executive officer of the Charleston County Housing Authority. " We wanted to do it expeditiously but we also wanted to do it correctly."

Julia Simmons, who lives in Floyd Manor, was happy to hear that the work will be done soon.

"Well I hope so because it will be two years directly and they haven't fixed it yet and it looks very bad from the eye," said Simmons.

The Charleston County Housing Authority and the Insurance Reserve settled on $90,000 to fix the damaged wall.

"We are actually in negotiations with contractors and we are going to have the repairs done as soon as possible," said Gorham.

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