Repairs continue on Red Bank Road in Goose Creek

By Ava

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) Road crews are working to break up asphalt and make repairs to Red Bank Road a day after the road caved in near Goose Creek High School. Business owners and residents are ready to see the road repaired.

"Hopefully they will be in and out of here quick is all I can say," said Derrick Johnson, a bartender at Palmetto Wing Company.

He said traffic is already heavy without the construction and it's been hard for customers and staff to get in and out of the parking lot.

"Of course this slows everything down for us. There is only one lane where there is normally three and getting in and out is tough anyway," said Johnson. {}

The eastbound lane closed after a sewer main overflowed, causing the pavement to crack.

"The manholes in this area began to leak after the water filled to the top. It allowed water to get under the pavement and it lifted the pavement," said Micah Miley, the{}Director of Engineering with Berkeley County.

Miley said it was excess rain which caused the overflow, but{}officials still don't know how much damage took place inside the sewer. He said they will move forward with repairs.{}

"We're replacing the rising rings, which is the concrete section between the manhole cover and the top of the man hole. We're replacing those now," said Miley. {}

Miley said a local construction company will be coming in to repair the street. He expects it will be finished in less than two weeks.

Miley said they did float cameras through the sewer to check for damage. Nothing significant was found. He said the water is still too high to see much and they will have to repeat the test in the next few days.