Report: 11-year-old fondled at skating rink

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A 17-year-old boy has been arrested after police say an 11-year-old girl accused him of fondling her at a local skating rink.

According to a police report, North Charleston Police officers were called May 25 for reports of a sexual assault that happened at the Stardust Skating Rink on Spaulding Road.

The complainant told police that the victim has known the suspect since they met at the skating rink in January 2012. The report says the victim was in the back room where her bag was located and the suspect met her back there to get a friendship bracelet back.

The victim told police the suspect, a 17-year-old boy, grabbed her inappropriately and forced her to touch him inappropriately. The victim told police she was scared to tell him to stop because she thought he would get mad at her.

After the incident, the victim said she went to her friends but was scared to tell either her mother or the police officer stationed at the skating rink.She said she "was afraid the suspect would go to jail and when he was released he would come after her and hurt her."

One of the friends eventually told her mother who the victim tried to keep from pursuing the issue but she went to the police officer at the rink who banned the suspect from the property.

The next day, according to the report, the victim decided she did want to press charges and the police were notified.

Once officers started investigating, they got conflicting reports from the victim and her friends. The report also states that the victim had texted the suspect, asking him to meet her in the back room.

"It appeared the two may have been kissing and that it had escalated from there," the report reads.

Police told the victim's mother that because of the age difference, it doesn't matter if it was consensual or not and that physical contact of that nature was a crime.