Report: Caretaker charged with taking elderly woman's money

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A woman charged with caringfor an elderly woman was accused of swindling more than $9,000 from her overnearly three months in 2011.

According to Charleston County deputies, 51-year-old DorothyDenise Shivers was charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult this week.The report states that Shivers was a caretaker for Care For Life at the time.

The investigation into Shivers began when the elderly NorthCharleston victim noticed a strange charge on her bank statement, the reportstates.

With the help of officials at Care For Life, the victimfound 21 unauthorized debit card purchases and withdrawals that totaled nearly$8,700 and a forged check for $500, the report states.

Shivers posted bail earlier this week.