Report: CVS to demand employees provide weight, health info

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WCIV) - CVS Caremark told its employees they will have to reveal their body weight, body fat and other medical information or face a $600 annual premium.

The company told employees they must have a doctor determine their weight, height, body fat, blood pressure, glucose and lipid levels by May 1.

The Rhode Island-based company released a statement on the decision, saying it is an aim to help employees become more involved and concerned with improving their health.

"We have been working for a number of years on ways they can improve their health through preventive measures," said a spokesperson for the company in a statement.

Many people, however, speculate the decision to disclose the health information could squander their chances at being hired or securing promotions.

The company said personal health information will be collected and reviewed by a third party, adding that CVS Caremark management would not have access to the records.

Multiple reports from across the country say CVS Caremark will cover the costs of the health screenings for its roughly 200,000 employees.