Report: Fight over daycare escalates to attempted murder charge

Brown (provided)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Police have arrested a man they say fired shots into a home after an argument of paying for daycare.

According to a North Charleston Police report, officers responded to a home on Popperdam Creek Drive Tuesday morning. The owner of the home said that several men drove up in a vehicle and fired shots into the front window.

The homeowner's son said he had gotten into an argument on the phone with his children's mother after he took the two kids to a daycare that she did not want to pay for. The witness said the only reason he took his children to the daycare in question is because the regular place they use was experiencing a power outage.

The man said his girlfriend got involved in the argument as well and she was sitting in the front yard with him when the men jumped out of the vehicle and started shooting.

Officers said they found bullets had penetrated the living room wall, kitchen wall and laundry room wall.

They also found a .45 shell casing in front of the home. The casing was claimed by the girlfriend who told police she fired back at the suspects. She then turned her gun in to police custody.

None of the neighbors could provide any assistance except to say that they had heard the shots fired. POlice report they found a .40 caliber casing in the grass across the street from the home.

One man, 21-year-old Alonzo Neil Brown, was arrested near the scene just after midnight on Wednesday. Brown is charged with attempted murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.



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