Report: Gilded man claims paint was used to detect devil-worshipping rapists

Mcguirt (Source: Charleston Police Department)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A Charleston man covered in gold paint and spinning in circles in a wooded area near a Meeting Street home was arrested over the weekend and charged with huffing paint, a police report states.

But the man, identified as 32-year-old Carl Mcguirt, told officers he was using the gold spray paint that was reportedly covering his face, hands, and clothing to help him identify devil worshippers who were sexually assaulting his mouth.

There were three cans of gold spray paint nearby, the officer noted in the report.

The incident began, according to the report, when the officers "could hear loud inaudible sounds coming from a group of trees near the river."

When the officer tried to escort Mcguirt out of the area, Mcguirt accused the officer of sexually assaulting and robbing him. He also said he was a Marine Corps captain, according to the report, adding that he did not have to go to jail.

After being taken to Medical University Hospital for evaluation, Mcguirt was taken to the Charleston County Detention Center, however.

Photos of Mcguirt's paint-covered face, hands and clothing as well as the spent paint cans and a 4-inch knife were all collected for evidence.

Mcguirt has a court date on Friday.