Report: Inmates relocated after DJJ riot

Facility location (Google)

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Nine juvenile inmates were relocated after sparking a riot at a Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Ridgeville.

According to a report from the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened around 9 p.m. Sunday.

Dispatch officials called for assistance with a "riot" at the Coastal Evaluation Center on Campbell Thicket Road.

Operators informed deputies that there were 25-30 juvenile inmates fighting and DJJ officers needed help to break it up.

Deputies said when they arrived, the facility was on lockdown and there was no one to let them initially. Once they were escorted inside they said they entered the intake area and saw several inmates walking around and yelling but DJJ officers said they weren't hte threat.

Upon entering the common area, deputies reported seeing 10-15 inmates "yelling profanities through the glass at another set of 10-15 juveniles inside a housing pod."

The yelling inmates were secured away from the pods while other inmates threatened to throw chairs at the DJJ officers from a higher floor that opened up to the common area.

Once deputies and DJJ officers restrained the perceived instigators, all the other inmates complied with instructions and returned to their cells without incident.

As more agencies turned up outside, deputies communicated that everything was under control and there were no injuries to either guards or inmates.