Report: Man mad about Facebook use rips out girlfriend's hair

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- An argument about a woman being on Facebook resulted in her boyfriend assaulting her and pulling out her hair, according to a police report.According the report, Anthony Hamilton, 32, of North Charleston started arguing with his girlfriend about her being on Facebook, and he became more upset when she did not argue back.Officers said the suspect then grabbed his girlfriend by her braids and started pulling them out of her head. He also choked her with his hands, the report states.Hamilton then threw his girlfriend onto the bed and refused to let her out of the bedroom, according to the report.The victim thought she heard Hamilton leave the home, so she grabbed her child and started to leave, officials said, but Hamilton was still in the home and he grabbed the child out of her hands and threw the victim onto the couch.According to the report, he punched his girlfriend in the back of the head and locked the door so she could not leave. Then, Hamilton went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and told his girlfriend he was going to kill her, the report states.Eventually, Hamilton put the knife down, officials said, and continued to argue with his girlfriend until someone knocked on the door.When Hamilton went to answer the door, his girlfriend snuck out of the home and drove to her mother's house where she called police, according to the report.Officers observed that the victim had hair missing from her head and also had hemorrhaging in both eyes as if she had been choked, according to the report.Officers said they found Hamilton driving down Louise Street in a vehicle matching the description given by his girlfriend. Hamilton was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, and kidnapping.

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