Report: Man hides in grandmother's bedroom after ditching stolen moped

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A North Charleston man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he was found driving a stolen moped.

According to a police report, an officer watched 22-year-old Maurice Scroggins avoid a stoplight by driving through a grass field on a moped, so he gave chase. Scroggings refused to stop even though the officer had his lights activated, the report states.

Scroggins jumped off the moped and ran through an opening in bushes on the side of the road and the officer gave chase, watching the man run into a home on Charter Drive.

The officer called for backup and approached the house, the report states.

The officer knocked on the door and met a woman who said her grandson had just run inside the house. She gave officers permission to search her home for Scroggins, according to the report.

In one of the bedrooms, an officer spotted a body underneath a bed, covered with a blanket. When the officer pulled the man out, he recognized Scroggins as the man on the moped and arrested him.

Scroggins was charged with possessing stolen property and a traffic offense for going around the light, the report states.

He was lodged at the Al Cannon Detention Center.