Report: Man uses prior job with jail to get out of traffic ticket

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WCIV) -- According to a report, Walterboro police let a man, who they say they saw run a stop sign, off with a warning when they thought he was one of their own.

The reporting officer said he was parked on North Jefferies Blvd when he saw a sliver Dodge pickup run a stop sign at the intersection of Jefferies and Paul Street.

The officer said when he stopped the vehicle, the driver provided the pickup's paperwork, his driver's license, and an ID card for the COlleton County Sheriff's Office Corrections Department.

The driver, identified as Walter Reed Thurman, Jr., told the officer he was waiting for his retirement paperwork to go through and was not currently working.

The officer reports he released the man with a warning.

"Due to the Colleton County I.D. card still having the previous sheriff (George Malone's) name on it, I decided to check with the supervisor at the jail to see if the subject was still employed by their agency," the report states.

The officer found that Thurman had not worked at the jail since March and was not waiting for any retirement from the agency.

Thurman is now charged with impersonating an officer.