Report: Person in white van allegedly following Mt. Pleasant children

Stock photo of a similar-looking van given to police (provided)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Parents in Belle Hall Plantation say they have also seen a white van driving slowly though their neighborhood.

A resident said her neighbor saw a white van drive by shortly after children were let out of school. The van apparently parked on one street for several minutes and then left the area.

Residents called police, who said they would be stepping up patrols in the neighborhood.

This marks the second report of a suspicious white van driving through neighborhoods when children are out. The first happened at Hamlin Plantation.

Parents in Hamlin Plantation are on high alert after a resident went to the police to report a possible child abductor.

According to the police report, a complainant told police that on Saturday, March 2, between noon and 3 p.m., he and his wife noticed what he called "a stalker van" coming out of the neighborhood.

He then told police that a visibly frightened child flagged the couple down and told them the van was following him and asked for their help.

The couple followed the child back to where he was staying and spoke to his babysitter who said she would alert the homeowners association and the child's mother.

Ten{}days later,{}the complainant told police that he heard from his neighbor that "the man in the white van" was trying to take photos of the child and that the child's parent had called the police.

Reporting officers made note of the fact that they had spoken to officials with the homeowners association and while the HOA members said they had heard rumors, there wasn't a report filed with authorities.

On March 20, police caught up with the child and his babysitter, who told them what had happened 18 days earlier. The babysitter told police that her kids told her the driver of the same van was taking pictures of them.

Police collected a picture of the van, drawn by the child. He also told officers that his neighbor was chased by a vehicle several weeks ago but the incident wasn't reported. The original complainant also provided a stock photo of a van similar to the one he saw.

Officials with Mt. Pleasant{}police say they are conducting an investigation to try to locate the van and have increased patrols in the area.

If anyone knows anything about the van or any other suspicious activity, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111 or Mount Pleasant Police at (843) 884-4176.