Report: Shoplifters took drawers of drawers before hitting officer with car

The suspects' car after it crashed into a garage (Brandon Geier/WCVI)

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Mount Pleasant police have released more details from the shoplifting incident that turned into assault when an officer was hit by the suspect's car.Twenty-year-old Kelvinisha Latoya Green, 22-year-old Lachavia Brownlee, and 23-year-old Shaneah Walker are all charged with aggravated assault and shoplifting.

At a bond hearing Thursday afternoon, all three women had bonds set over $100,000. Green and Walker are due back in court on Feb. 4 for the shoplifting charges. Browlee is due back in court on March 6 and 7.

Brownlee is charged with first degree assault and battery, two counts of reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident that caused personal injury, driving without a drivers license and shoplifting.Green and Walker are charged with first degree assault and battery and shoplifting.According to the incident report, it all started at Towne Center when four stores were victims of shoplifting by three women.At Ulta, employees told police the women stole cologne, perfume and other items by putting the bottles in bags they had brought in with them. The total of the stolen merchandise was estimated at $1,646.The manager at Victoria's Secret told police one of the girls set off their security barrier with a pair of panties she had slung over her shoulder. When the manager went after the three women, she said the "larger female stated aloud 'Oh my God!'" and handed the panties back while the other two women "stayed in the security barrier to keep the alarm from going off again with the other stolen items." After they left, the manager told police she found four drawers that were previously filled with panties were now empty. The estimated total of the loss was $735.At Gymboree, the manager noticed the three women acting suspiciously and believes they only got out with two items totaling $57. He notified Palmetto Moon, Old Navy, Gap, J.Jill and American Eagle to keep an eye out for the women.The manager at American Eagle told police she saw the women come in and followed them around the store, talking to them to try and keep them from stealing. Despite her efforts, they left with a $65 pair of sandals but she did stop them from taking a pair of shorts.Finally, at Baby Gap, because the manager had been tipped off, she doesn't believe the women got away with any merchandise. She told police she found an empty mesh shopping bag full of clothes hanging on one of the displays after the women left "frustrated."According to the police report, PFC. M. Johnson tried to stop the three women who got into their Chevy Malibu. The report says they hit PFC Johnson with their car and fled the scene.Johnson was treated on the scene by medics from the Mount Pleasant Fire Department. Another officer reported Johnson had "a large lump with an abrasion on the center of it on the left side of her forehead." The officer was transported to Medical University Hospital. Officials with Charleston County EMS said the officer was in "very stable" condition.After the women left Towne Center, another officer spotted them driving south down Coleman Blvd. and followed them over the Ravenel Bridge going at least 110 mph. They continued onto Interstate 26 westbound where the officer said the suspects were "cutting vehicles off and causing other to run off roadway."

The chase left the interstate onto Dorchester Road and into a residential area where the suspect "lost control, jumped through a ditch, crashing through a fence of a residence and entering a backyard."Police say the suspect didn't stop there, though, heading back onto the street and got back onto I-26 before getting off onto Montague Avenue, cutting through a parking lot and going back into another neighborhood. The suspects then crashed into a garage on Morningside Drive and the three were arrested.