Report: Suspect says 'Happy Birthday' with bullets

Maurice LeTroy Quarles (provided)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- North Charleston police responded to a home on Hawthorne Drive early Tuesday morning for reports of shots fired.One of the victims said someone shot at the mobile home and witnesses were able to identify the suspect as an ex-boyfriend of one of the other victims.The suspect reportedly called the victim several times hoping to wish her a happy birthday. When she ignored his calls or only answered to tell him to stay away, the victim and other witnesses told police the suspect came to the house and refused to leave for half an hour.Around 4 a.m. he reportedly returned to the home and{} fired shots.Police said they found three bullet holes on the outside of the trailer, two bullet holes in the bedroom where two of the victims were sleeping, and one of the bullets traveled through the "entire width of the trailer and was lodged in the outer wall."The victim told police she shares a child with the suspect and they were supposed to have a child support hearing on Tuesday.Police tracked the suspect using the license plate number of the vehicle witnesses said was used in the incident and found it was registered to the ex-boyfriend's mother.According to the report, the suspect, Maurice LeTroy Quarles and his brother arrived at the mother's house and were detained.Quarles said he was nowhere near the crime scene and was with his friend on Suffolk Street the whole time. The brother, however, told police the suspect had gone to get beer around 4 a.m.Police report they found several calls made to the victim on the brother's cell phone and Quarles admitted he had called to wish her a happy birthday.Quarles was arrested and charged with discharging a firearm into a dwelling and unlawful use of the telephone.

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