Report: Two men barely escape house fire in Colleton

Photos provided

COLLETON, S.C. (WCI9V) -- Colleton Fire and Rescue crews battled a house fire for five hours after the residents barely escaped from the flames.

According to CCFR officials,the fire broke out early Wednesday morning in Jacksonboro when two men were woken up by what they said sounded like an explosion.

Officials said one of the men jumped out of a window to escape.

By the time CCFR crews arrived, they report the home was already 75 percent involved with the roof collapsed so firefighters believe the single story block building had been on fire for some time.

A second alarm was issued for additional Tenders and personnel but it was too late. The home was a total loss.

Firefighter-Paramedics treated one man at the scene, then transported him in stable condition to Colleton Medical Center.

Investigators report the cause of the fire appeared to have been electrical and started in the attic.