Reported boyfriend of mother accused in toddler's death now in custody

John D. Weaver

St. George, SC (WCIV)- The reported boyfriend of the Ridgeville mother accused in the death of her 16-month-old is now in custody.

John D. Weaver was indicted last week for homicide by child abuse for the death of Rowan Bracci. He turned himself into Dorchester County Sheriff's Office in St. George. According to his attorney, Andy Savage, he was accompanied by his mother and father to the Sheriff's Office.

Amber Lynn Bracci, the child's mother, was arrested a few weeks ago for the same charge by the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office in Summerville.

The coroner ruled the death as homicide, caused by closed head trauma on January 6, 2011. According to an affidavit, Amber Lynn Bracci was with the child during the time of the "life ending injuries."

"The defendant [Amber Bracci] admitted to using marijuana two times after she first observed the victim in distress, and before she sought medical attention for the child. The defendant [Amber Bracci] also admitted to striking the child in the head within a few days prior to the incident case," the affidavit states.

Weaver's bond hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 3 P.M. in St. George.