Rescued Goose Creek dogs show progress

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's been a week since 45 dogs were rescued from a Goose Creek home, where the remains of 200 others were found.

"At least we are seeing some of them wag their tails now," said Michelle Reid with Animal Rescue & Relief.

Wagging tails are a sign of progress for dogs that arrived so skittish to this Mount Pleasant Emergency Vet Clinic last week. Their bodies still convey a tragic situation that runs beyond skin deep.

"This is one of the worst situations I've seen," Reid said. "I've done this for years its very disheartening and very upsetting."

Although disturbing, it is soothing to know some of the dogs have made positive turns, she says. Doctors now say a dog they thought would lose his eye, may not at all.

"He won't be able to see fully out of that eye but will have some sight but that's better than nothing," she said.

Reid says she hopes the momentum continues with the public's concern about the dogs. She hopes it will bring about changes to animal laws.

"If everyone could go out there and smell what we smelled and see what we saw and listened to what we heard then they would get the full picture," she said.

Reid also encourages people to help by donating for the care and treatment for the 45 dogs.

If you'd like to donate to help with the cost of the rescued dogs' medical bills, checks are accepted at the Mount Pleasant Emergency Vet Clinic, which shares the facility with Veterinary Specialty Care. Simply write 'ARR' in the memo space.

The ARR website also accepts donations which can be made by mail or through Paypal plus the ARR Facebook page will have a wish list of items needed.