Reshawn's story

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - Where you find Reshawn Brown and his Just Do It shirt, you'll find his mom not far behind.

"She really helped me a lot," he said.

Together they're doing what Reshawn admits he did not do for some time.

"I just stayed in and watched TV all day. I didn't go outside or anything. {}So that's when I gained all my weight," he said.

Now this shy, soft-spoken eighth grader puts all of his energy into his workouts. Even though he struggles at times, it's making him feel healthier, and better about himself.

"I wasn't really sure about doing this, but now I feel better," he said.

A nurse saw Reshawn struggling with his weight and saw how other kids were verbally demeaning him because of his weight.

"The only thing they really say is: 'You're fat,'" he said.

The nurse recommended joining the Louie's Kids Fit Club where children learn how to move and be active and take care of their bodies. It worked for Reshawn.

"I'm lighter, I can run faster," he said.

And he also knows a lot more about how best to fuel his body.

"Don't like eat like a lot of junk food. {}Look at the nutrition label like and see how much calories, fat, protein, fiber is in something before you eat it," he said.

Reshawn has traded in the soda for water and his weight has dropped.

"It was hard," he said. But Reshawn admits that it was worth it and he's committed to the program.

Some days are harder than others. On one day, he was the only kid to show up for the workout. But even when it's early and easier to sleep in, Reshawn is eager to get outside where he knows the sky is the limit.{}