Residents frustrated as Crosstown area floods again

(Source: Brandon Geier/WCIV)

by Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- When the rain falls, the Crosstown floods. And it did again Tuesday morning.

Michael Green's family lives on President Street. He said it was a hassle every time it rained.

"They can't park the car. We lost a couple cars in the flood due to water damage in the car," Green said.

The water came up a foot or more in some places Tuesday. But, people who live near the Crosstown said it happens{}too often.

"Any time there is a heavy rain, it floods. I can't understand it. I want to know what kind of construction they did there," Green said.

He's talking about phase one of the Crosstown drainage project. City officials said the first phase, which installed underground pipes, finished in November.{}ABCNews4{}took his question to the city's director of public services, Laura Caviness.

"I understand why people don't realize how much more has to be done," Caviness said.

She said phase one{}was only a small part of an eight-year, $154 million project.

"Ultimately we'll have a large pump station, with three very large pumps, each one capable of pumping 120,000 gallons per minute," Caviness said.

She said it will ultimately{}keep the Crosstown dry, even on mornings like Tuesday. That's all Green wanted, but{}he'll have to wait until 2020.