Residents in Old Village protest planned gun shop

By Gregory Woods

CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) --{}Residents in Mt. Pleasant who live in the May Lane Cul-de-sac {}in the Old Village community protested and petitioned a gun shop coming to their neighborhood.

"We would like to get at least 1,500 signatures, but whatever we have we will present to town council," said Walter Brown, a long time resident of the neighborhood protesting the gun shop.

Those who attended the protest say their concern is the children.

"I am not against guns, but I don't want a gun shop right next to my house," said Tristan Roquette. "I don't want gun owners coming around the area while my kids are outside playing."

Rally organizers have come up with an alternative to present to the mayor.

"We would like to put up a wall around the business to block It from the residential side, and make the access point from Coleman Boulevard," said John Wright, who organized the protest.

Wright says Coleman Boulevard{}is where major businesses and hip restaurants are located, which he believes is a more appropriate place for a gun shop.

"There are two churches directly within a mile from here and a middle school. So what we are hoping the outcome of this is that we can create a solution on how this business, which is already approved, can be separate from the residential area," said Wright.

Residents plan to present their petitions and proposal at the city's next council meeting. {}

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