Review team to begin Citadel investigation as early as next week

Ann Franke

By Natalie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - As early as next week, an independent review team is expected to start investigating The Citadel and school leaders handling of the Skip ReVille case.

Friday, The Citadel's leaders chose the independent reviewers who will investigate how school leaders handled child molestation allegations.

It's Columbia attorney Joe McCulloch's job to keep an arms length between the reviewers and the board. Friday he presented them with his best picks for the review team, candidates to delve into The Citadel's past.

"The boards criteria frankly was the best expertise, people who could get to work immediately, could get this job done as quickly as possible, independent and objective with no connection frankly to South Carolina and a degree of cost consciousness," McCulloch said.

The board chose a team made up of Ann Franke of Wise Results, LLC and Manuel, Daniels, Burke International, LLC. Franke consults nationally with colleges and universities. MDB International is based in Alexandria, Virginia.

"They are staffed with a full compliment of top notch investigative expertise, many of them former FBI agents. They are ready to roll," McCulloch said.

The team's objective is to find out how the school responded to the allegations made by a former camper against Skip ReVille in 2007. School leaders admit they did not report the allegations to police. ReVille went on to molest dozens of young boys around the Lowcountry and was recently sentenced to 50 years.

The team will put the school's leaders and those with a role in the case under a microscope along with the school's policies. School leaders say they hope to do it thoroughly but swiftly.

"It's been very painful for the victims and the institution and its time to bring that to a close with the reassurance of the results of these efforts," McCulloch said.

McCulloch says there's still no telling exactly how much the investigation will cost.