ReVille enters guilty pleas; Victim gets face-to-face

ReVille walks into court on Wednesday. (Chris Hauff/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- On indictment after indictment, Louis "Skip" ReVille pleaded, "Guilty, your honor."

Something many in the courtroom didn't expect, ReVille pleaded guilty to Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester charges in the same courtroom. In all, it was 22 indictments for sex crimes with young boys.

ReVille's attorney said from the beginning that his client was cooperative with the investigation and planned to plead the way he did Wednesday morning.

After ReVille pleaded guilty on the indictments, details of the case were shared. It was learned ReVille sent an email to church prayer groups about the allegations. The original email, according to prosecutors, was ReVille's attempt to keep the situation quiet.

Prosecutors also said ReVille conducted some of the sexual assaults while his wife was on bed rest, pregnant with triplets.{}

Assistant Solicitor{}Debbie Herring-Lash said ReVille played "games" with at least one victim. She described a "doughnut game" -- too graphic to share details about.{}

It was also learned one of ReVille's victims was mute.

ReVille was a volunteer at East Bridge Church. Lash said some of the sex crimes happened there. She{}said in a church lockdown victims ran around naked in the church with ReVille.

Prosecutors said the first documented assaults happened at The Citadel, where ReVille was a summer camp counselor and mentor. ReVille confirmed that information in court.{}

The Citadel is currently dealing with lawsuits as a result.

Dozens of statements from victims and parents of victims were read in court. But perhaps the most powerful statement was one made face-to-face with ReVille by a victim identified as John Doe #13. The victim said ReVille was his counselor at The Citadel's summer camp.

As #13 spoke, he told ReVille to look up at him. ReVille had previously kept his head down as all the statements were read.

"Look at me, Skippy. You need to look up," #13 said as he spoke to ReVille.

The victim, now age 25, described ReVille as one of the most intelligent people he has ever met. He said at one point he used heroin to cope with what happened but has been clean for a year.

John Doe #13 said ReVille groomed him for two years before he was molested. He said he idolized ReVille and wanted to attend The Citadel.

Reville spoke up for the first time, saying "I'm sorry for what I've done. I want to make it clear to victims. I'm the only one responsible, guilty" and "I'm sorry for disappointing so many people."

The judge handed down a 50 year sentence. Reville will do 85 percent before being eligible for release and by that time he will be 74-years-old. If he is ever released, he will serve seven years under supervision.