ReVille sentence less than satisfying for some

ReVille in court Wednesday (John Gaddy/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Prosecutors from both Charleston and Dorchester counties were in court Wednesday as Skip{} ReVille faced charges in those counties and Berkeley County as well.The judge handed out the maximum sentence: 50 years behind bars. But not everyone was satisfied.There were several letters read before ReVille's sentencing. They were written by either his victims or the family members of victims. Nearly all asked that ReVille be sent to jail for life.In all, Skip ReVille pleaded guilty to 22 counts of sexual misconduct and lewd acts against minors.Judge Markley Dennis, who gave ReVille his 50 year sentence, had the power to put him behind bars for life but he said he'd give ReVille the opportunity not to serve that life sentence.Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said she thought the judge gave a careful and thoughtful sentence.{} She stressed that after ReVille serves his 50 years, he'll be in his 70's and then he must make it through a program for sexual predators. Wilson is doubtful that will happen."The anger is there. This prosecution has not done anything out of anger," she said. "I would not ask the court to but it is outrageous. It is outrageous that someone that we trusted in this community had taken advantage of loopholes in the law and has shirked their responsibilities morally"Since his initial arrest Skip ReVille has spent more than 50 hours being evaluated by mental health experts. One of those experts testified in court.The expert in this case said he was trying to understand why ReVille got to this point and how this all came to be.Doctor William Burke has evaluated more than 6,000 sex offenders. He has assessed and attempted to treat ReVille during the last few months. {}According to Burke, ReVille was sexually abused by a male third grade teacher.{} ReVille also took part in sexual experiments with boys his own age around the same time.{} Burke said these are not excuses for his behavior, though they provide insight.Burke said ReVille was different from most sex offenders in that he did not target children who were alone or outcasts. He was the opposite."He targeted what he viewed as healthy families who loved their kids and spent a lot of time with them," said Burke. "The avenue for him was that they were busy."These circumstances, according to Burke, let ReVille gain access and get involved with his victims' day-to-day lives.Burke also said, if ReVille was to be released sometime in the future, he could be controlled with certain safeguards.