Reville: 'How does a murderer apologize?'

By Valencia

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV){}-- The Mount Pleasant Police Department has released information{}regarding its case against former Lowcountry coach and Citadel camp counselor Louis "Skip" Reville.

In nine descriptive paragraphs, Reville graphically told his side of the story from beginning to end. The letter was sent via email to a select group of parents on the day before his arrest, October 27.

The email began with a simple question: "How does a murderer apologize?"

The letter is broken into sections like "the beginning", "Pandora's Box", "Justice" and "Apology".

In the first paragraph Reville writes it all started as "simple locker room fun among boys" then blew out of proportion. He recalls playing games with the boys, like the "credit card" game, which he describes as finger up the backside, and the "points game", which he described as flashing each other for competition. Reville writes the boys were still clothed during those games. However, he went on to write he only played the "flash game" on occasion but usually talked himself out of it saying "mine was too large to take out".

Reville further wrote he never once asked to see their [the boys] genitals. He would allow them to expose or handle themselves if they felt the need to.

In the middle of the letter Reville wrote about his relationship with the boys.{} "I talked with them about matters that I shouldn't have. In my stupidity and desire for acceptance."

Even still, Reville wrote, "in the time that I spent with your sons, 95 percent was extremely healthy."

The rest of the letter is filled with apologies: "I feel viscerally sick of who I am because of what I have done over the past year."

Reville signed it simply, "Help me, Lord - Skip"

Documents in relation to the investigation reveal details about his time at Pinewood Prep. One police report says Reville would hold class with the blinds completely shut and grade his students based on what he thought they deserved, rather than their academic performance.