Right place, right time: How a stranger helped save a life

By Valencia

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - When Eddie Hall got in his work truck Monday afternoon to head eastbound on Interstate 26, he never expected what the journey would bring.

"I slowed down and kind of window down a little bit and a lady looked like she was on a cellphone," said Hall, who is a technician with Pye Barker Fire Protection Systems.

Hall says two women flagged him down on the interstate and asked if he had a fire extinguisher on hand. Little did they know, Hall installs fire extinguishers for a living.

"I had 18 in the back of my truck," Hall said.

The two women were trying to help 28-year old Shana Porter, whose car had run off I-26 and crashed into a tree and fence. The Honda had caught on fire and the woman was stuck inside.

"As I got closer, I got about 10 feet away and I could see the young lady that was in there," said Hall. "Her arms were sticking out of the top of the sunroof. And, she was yelling as loud as she possibly could."

Hall says he jumped out of his truck and began throwing out fire extinguishers.

"A lot of it was people kind of running around and kind of yelling and pointing," Hall said. "But, you could see the fire ragging about 4 to 5 feet off of the top of the hood of the car or what used to be the hood of the car."

Hall and a few other nameless Good Samaritans fought the fire until police and firemen arrived on scene.

Fire officials said without the help of them, Porter would have died. Hall, on the other had, says he was just doing what any man would do.

"I'd like to think if it were my wife, or my daughter trapped in that vehicle, my fellow citizens would have jumped in and helped as well," Hall said.

Shana Porter is being treated at Medical University Hospital and is in critical condition.{}

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