Road to nowhere will be going big places

Map of plan (provided)

By Eric

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV) -- It may be one of the nicest roads in the Lowcountry, but there's no reason to take it because it won't get you anywhere.

Weber Drive has been finished for six months but it's still pretty quiet. It's also been around long enough to create some curiosity. That said, the city of North Charleston says it will someday be going places.

The turn for Weber is off Highway 78. It's the start of North Charleston's latest $43 million road extension project.

"Maybe we have to put up a sign that says you haven't seen anything yet to let people know what is coming," said North Charleston Mayor, Keith Summey.

Tuesday, Summey momentarily joked about the plan, but says the freshly paved and landscaped stretch will serve a critical purpose.

"It's actually pulling Ladson Road, Highway 78, Ashley Phosphate, Interstate 26 and Dorchester Road all together."

In a map, provided by the city, Weber Drive is highlighted in blue, as phase one of the project. Phases two and three will lead to further construction connecting several major routes within the city.

And while Weber now features a decisive dead end, it has still been kept up quite nicely.

"It has to be something that blends. How we do the sidewalks, street lighting and those types of things," Summey said.

Likewise Summey says the city hopes for commercial, residential and light industrial growth during development. It's been six months since the end of phase one and while none of that, at the moment, can be seen, according to Summey, it's coming.

"Hopefully within the next months we hope to have a few announcements that will announce some things that will be getting ready to come to that area," he said.

The city wants to bring a new community feel to the spot, and make it first class all the way.

North Charleston's been given complete control of the project by Charleston county. The county RoadWise program is funding the project. Phase one cost more than $3 million. The city will start accepting bids for phase two in October.

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