Robbie Dodds brings team-leading big bat back to Mt. Pleasant

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Thursday was an interesting day for Robbie Dodds.

The Georgia Southern junior outfielder is born and raised in Mt. Pleasant. He's lived here his whole life. But this weekend, Robbie Dodds is a visitor.{}

"It's a little weird, I live a few minutes away and I'm staying in a hotel. I can't stay at home. It's going to be a lot of fun playing against College of Charleston, the team I grew up watching," said Dodds who transferred to GSU after playing two years at Spartanburg Methodist College.{}

Not to say the red carpet is rolled out for Dodds' return, but not many opposing players stay on the boulevard named after their grandfather.{}

"A lot of construction, it looks good. A lot less traffic with the overpass but it's great. It's great to represent Mt. Pleasant, also great to represent my grandpa the best I can," he said.{}

The grandpa he speaks of, Johnnie Dodds, would surely be proud of what Dodds is doing this year: hitting .330 and leading Georgia Southern heading into this weekend's series.{}

"I know I worked hard at Spartanburg Methodist. Hard work and preparation, I expected some success. It's nice to reap the benefits of that hard work," Dodds said.

The biggest challenge now is making a name for himself in a town that doesn't know his name -- Statesboro, Ga.{}

"In Statesboro, you go to a game on Friday and there are 2,000 people there. It's great for baseball. You walk around and people talk about baseball and sports. It's a lot of run, it's a different experience that I've enjoyed all year long," Dodds said.{}

It's amazing to think two of Dodds' teammates at Wando High School, Drew Cisco and Daniel Aldrich are already playing professional baseball. Nick Ciuffo from that team is expected to be a first round pick next month in the Major League Baseball draft.

Dodds is certainly a potentially draftable player as well, but that isn't his concern right now.{}

"We've struggled a bit lately, we need to win two or three games this weekend. We need to get some momentum. That's real big because anything can happen at the tournament and we look to get back on track this weekend," he said.{}

It's anything but a regular old road trip.