Robot assists surgeon removing tumor

By Victoria Hansen



NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Dr. Theodore Brisson is a confident surgeon at Trident Health System in North Charleston.{} He's performed hundreds of surgeries, but is most comfortable working with a robot.

Yes, a robot.

"I've done almost 400 robotic surgeries and at this point I would if a patient needed an open surgery a traditional surgery I would let one of my partners do it," said Dr. Brisson.

The Da Vinci robot is the latest technology. It allows surgeons to work in very small spaces inside the human body, without making big incisions.

"The biggest response we get is how little pain there is. Instead of getting a 6 to 7 inch incision below their rib cage, there are several small cuts," said Dr. Brisson.

Those small cuts allow a high definition camera and small scissor like fingers to work with precision. Dr. Brisson works the controls using both his hands and feet. A chemical injected in the bloodstream illuminates the tumor he's trying to remove.

"So this enables us to cut out the part of the kidney we want to cut out while leaving the good part of the kidney."

Today's patient has come from Columbia where the technology is not available. His hospital stay is just a couple of days.

"I feel much more comfortable with the instruments used in robotic surgery and its much, much less invasive on the patient," said Dr. Brisson.

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