Running for honor

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Running is in Drew Buehring's past, and with the pace he's running, it'll certainly be in his future.

"My dad ran, my brother ran, kinda runs in the family. I started running with my dad," said the Fort Dorchester High School senior.

It's a good thing he did. Drew is now setting records and has several college offers.

Drew, however, is not just running to run. He's running to honor. His father died in Iraq in 2003.

"My dad is my hero, died in Iraq. That's what pushed me to run, be more like him, follow in his footsteps, he inspired me. That's what pushes me now."

And not only is his dad inspiring him to run, but also to pursue a career in the military one day. But for now, he's running to escape, to be alone with his thoughts and to win.

"I love competition, that's what pushes me, I see competition, I say, 'I gotta beat this guy,' "

Drew said if his father was there to see his races, he would proud.

"I know he'd be screaming, like my mom," Drew said. "I know he'd be proud of me, what I've done, how I dedicated myself."