Russell Guerard files suit against opponent Limehouse ahead of primary

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The Republican primary race for the State House's 110th District just got litigious.

Russell Guerard filed suit Monday against his opponent Chip Limehouse and Not A Penny More LLC, alleging the company paid for an attack mailing against Guerard.

"This attack mail piece contained intentionally false and misleading information about Mr. Guerard in an effort to slander, defame, and diminish him and his reputation in the eyes of Republican primary voters," the suit alleges.

According to the filing, the attack mail claims Guerard last voted in a Democratic primary and has never voted in a presidential primary.

Limehouse was included in the suit because he and the company share at least one consultant who worked on the campaign and for the company at the same time, the suit alleges.

As a result, Guerard believes Limehouse accepted an illegal in-kind donation in the form of $1,000 worth of mailings attacking the challenger. Guerard says the mailings constitute not only defamation, but also a civil conspiracy designed to hurt his chances of winning the primary election.

Limehouse currently holds the seat in the 110th District.

He says Guerard voted in the 2010 Democratic primary and made three different contributions to Vincent Sheheen's campaign.

"A threat of lawsuit will not change that fact. These kinds of lawsuits are not uncommon in the hours leading up to an election. This is just another example of the negative attacks that many voters have recently received in the mail by my opponent," Limehouse said in a statement.

Guerard fired back Monday afternoon, saying Limehouse was dodging the issues of the lawsuit.

"Mr. Limehouse conveniently dodges the central issue raised by my lawsuit, which is that he not only illegally coordinated with a shadowy third-party group to spread lies and disinformation about me, but also that the mailer in question contained false allegations about me," he said in a statement. "Mr. Limehouse continues to demonstrate that he cannot be trusted to simply tell the truth."

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