Sanford: Republicans have been 'squishy'

File Photo (WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Mark Sanford took to the airwaves to talk about his recent election and his top priorities for Washington.Sanford won the 1st District special election congressional race last Tuesday, defeating democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch by nine percentage points.The former governor revealed on Fox News Sunday that he learned a lot about forgiveness and judgement during his political comeback.He also was quick to say that the Republican party needs to focus on the foundation of conservative philosophy instead of being "squishy" on taxes and spending."There's been real brand disillusion as at times Republicans have been, in essence, squishy on spending, or squishy on the whole notion of taxes," he said. "And I think that one of the things that will ultimately, I think, receive the most support is, again, a very clear vision, a picture, as to what the party is about rather than at times diluted messages or convoluted messages."He also talked about his first order of business in Washington."What I'm going to do is, in essence, look under the hood at a whole host of things. I think you got to deal with the big rocks. The big rocks in Washington, D.C. are certainly entitlements. You got to look at Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security," he said. "But there's a lot of inefficiency out there. In all areas of government that people are, with warrant, concerned about. And I'm going to be focusing there as well. And I would also say this, another part of shrinking the deficit is not just tied to cutting government spending, it's tied to growing the economy. You look at the number of unemployed in this country right now. That's a real drag on the economy."The congressman elect says he is holding a pre-swearing in party 7:30 Monday night at Molly Darcy's on East Bay Street.Sanford is set to be sworn in as a U.S. Representative on Wednesday in Washington.