SC 2-star general, opponent in odd election

By SUSANNE M. SCHAFERAssociated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - South Carolina is the only state in the nation where voters choose the state's top military officer.

Maj. Gen. Robert Livingston is seeking re-election as adjutant general in the June 10 Republican primary. The job oversees the state's National Guard, as well as emergency responses in disasters.

His opponent is James Breazeale (Bra-ZEEL), an airline pilot and Army Reserve lieutenant colonel.

South Carolina officials report Breazeale is on probation until September of 2015 for a trespassing conviction in Florida. Breazeale says the case stems from the stress of a former military marriage.

Livingston points to experience leading troops during South Carolina hurricanes and in combat. He commanded 1,800 soldiers in Afghanistan in the state's largest deployment since World War II.

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