SC Aquarium welcomes some new furry residents

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- The theme song to "My Three Sons" mixed with a little Madagascan flair might be appropriate for the new exhibit at the South Carolina Aquarium.A family of lemurs, a father and his three sons, have taken up residence and will be part of a brand new section of the aquarium."The lemurs are adjusting really well and seem to love their new environment," said Public Relations Manager Kate Ditloff. Guests will be able to see just how well they are doing, too, by just "popping into" the exhibit."We have a special 'pop-in' element for visitors to enjoy," said Ditloff. "In the middle of the exhibit, folks can crawl through and stick their head up into the exhibit through a special window." "Journey Madagascar" is slated to open up this spring and will feature lemurs, chameleons, and colorful fish from the island off the coast of Africa. Many other species from the diverse habitat are expected to be added as well including a Nile Crocodile.The real draw for those who love the cute and furry parts of the animal kingdom? Big eyed, long tailed lemurs!"The lemurs have similar sleep patterns to people, sleeping at night and awake for most of the day, said Ditloff. "During the day they spend most of their time exploring, relaxing and grooming their family members."For the little ones, a separate exhibit called Mini-gascar will be included just for toddlers. While mom or dad have a seat for a rest, their "little lemurs" can jump, climb, play and interact with their own activities.You can't see the lemurs just yet. A large wall blocks the space that will hold the latest stars of the show while staff and volunteers continue to work on the other elements of the exhibit. However, if you're feeling particularly sneaky, a member of our crew tells us you might catch a glimpse of a furry ringed tail while going up the stairs to the second floor. "Journey Madagascar" will officially open on May 5th.