SC bill takes hotel conveniences from extra taxes

      File Photo (WCIV)

      COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Travelers wouldn't pay additional taxes for room service, spa treatments and other conveniences that can be added to hotel bills under a proposal advanced by a South Carolina House panel.

      The measure approved unanimously Tuesday by a Ways and Means subcommittee would delete certain items from the additional 5% accommodations taxes on hotel stays.

      The state's economic advisers estimate the legislation would reduce revenue by $1.8 million next fiscal year.

      Whether travelers pay the tax can depend on how they pay, and legislators say that's unfair.

      For example, it's not added if someone pays for a massage at the hotel spa. But if they sign for the service, and it's added to their tab, they do.

      The items removed also include in-room movies, promotional tourist packages and outside transportation.