SC board to approve rate increases for agencies

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- State employees and retirees won't pay more for their health care premiums next year, but South Carolina taxpayers will.

The Budget and Control Board is expected Wednesday to approve a 6.37 percent increase in employer contributions to cover employees' rising health care costs. That means public agencies will pay more starting Jan. 1.

The rise corresponds to the state budget that took effect last month.

Lawmakers agreed in the 2012-13 budget to fully fund state employees' premium increases.

For each single employee, employers will pay $311 monthly, or $19 more. For family coverage, employers will pay $770 monthly, an additional $46.

Employees' rates and benefits won't change. Their rates range from $98 monthly for a single, non-smoking employee, to $367 for family coverage in a household with a tobacco user.