SC gas prices move up for first time in months

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCIV) -- Retail gas prices across the Palmetto State ticked up for the first time in months last week, according to gas price tracking website

According to the website, average prices in South Carolina rose 2.3 cents to an average of $3.21 per gallon.

Nationally, prices rose by 6.2 cents to $3.57 per gallon, the website reported.

"The national average has perked up again in the last seven days across the nation," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan.

Prices recorded Sunday were 19.5 cents lower than the same day one year ago and 7.2 cents lower than one month ago across the state, GasBuddy found. Nationally, the average has increased 5 cents per gallon over the last month and is 15.4 cents below the average one year ago.

"Many motorists remain skeptical of the so called reasons that we blame higher prices on: refinery production and maintenance, tightening supply, and the now completed switch over to EPA mandated cleaner summer gasoline. Tight gasoline supply exists especially along the West Coast, and other factors are coming into play in some of the bigger metro areas where more expensive reformulated gasoline has hit pumps," DeHaan said.

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